HR Management Software - All Features Included at one Price

HR management software features
All Features Included at one Price

All HR Management Software Product features at a glance:

Personnel management,
Travel management,
Time management,
& Corporate benefits

HR Management Software

Personalverwaltungssoftware von HRworks. Mit dem HR Management Software Produkt und allen Features Ihr Unternehmen schneller und effizienter Gestalten

HRworks unites all HR management software features in just one product – for a successful personnel management.

HRworks features do not only cover the personnel area, but optimizes all personnel processes around your travel expenses accounting and time management. The special HR management features for saving taxes help you to lower your incidental wage costs. Discover all features of the personnel management software from HRworks.

Personnel management

The base functions of HRworks help you to save time and effort completing routine tasks. From applicant management to employment references, you control the entire HR management and personnel management. There is an end of Excel sheets and isolated solutions!

Master data management, electronic personnel files, wage and salary as well as onboarding – ease your work routine with the HR management software. The features Performance review and Skill management help you to co-opt the human capital of your company efficiently.

Travel management

Save over 50% time and administrative expenses at travel expense management and the travel expenses accounting using the HR management software by HRworks. From application and electronic receipt registration to the reimbursement of travel expenses, the personnel management software automatizes and optimizes all processes. Employees record receipts electronically, at any time, around the globe. What’s more, HRworks guarantees a reliable electronic Driver’s License Check. The results are clear: Less effort for personnel department, accountant’t department, fleet manager and IT department handling your expense report!

Time management

The perfect solution for a modern Time management. Time tracking by HRworks will adapt to your company. No matter where your work takes place – at the desktop in your office, at the homeoffice, via smartphone and tablet on the go, or even via kiosk – you benefit from utterly easy recording, multiple ways of time tracking and a clearly arranged time account. 

Employees, Supervisors and Staff Department can keep track of vacation times and Notifications of Illness with the Absence Administration of HRworks.

The HR Management Features Self Service, application and approval irrespective of time and location as well as automatically maintained leave  accounts and calendars noticeably ease the pressure on the personnel department.

Corporate Benefits & Save Taxes

You would like to reward employees for their good work performance and save incidental wage costs at the same time?

Just a few clicks away, the HR management software from HRworks spares you up to 4.000 EUR per employee and year!

Using tax-exempt vouchers, flat-rate tax vouchers and meal grants from HRworks, you can save taxes, social security contributions and reduce the expenses in the range of HR without great effort.

At the same time, much more net from the gross arrives at the employee. Take a look at how the 4.000 EUR saving is composed in the personnel management software.

Convince yourselves anytime of all HR management features of HRworks in any product area and demand a free demo.


One HR Management Software for all functions: Hrworks gets you more quality for your money. All features of the personnel management software are available for all customers – irrespective of time and location. Be sure not to miss the saving of time and expenses!

Learn more about your advantages here:

Fair & at a favourable price

HRworks is provided for rent in the internet as a software-as-a-service solution (SAAS) at a maximum of 6€ per user and month. The monthly rent includes all features of the personnel software. HRworks is cancellable on a monthly basis without contractual obligation – no long durations – you stay flexible and independent.

HRworks Personalverwaltungssoftware Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On

Using a Single Sign-On Solution, you lose a plurality of unsave passwords. Hrworks is integrable into your company portal without a fuss.  Your employees benefit from the comfortable, singular login at their workplace – your company benefits from the gain in safety.

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HRworks guarantees a reduced workload and optimal processes in international personnel departments and accountant’s departments with its Personal Management Feature.

Our product offers the perfect solution for personnel management, travel expenses accounting and time management for a variety of countries. 

HRworks Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung Cloud Personal Management

Two-factor authentification

Introducing the two-factor authentification, HRworks offers an additional safety level for your personnel and travel expenses software. The dual authentification provides maximum security for sensitive data and documents. By this means, you can protect your HRworks account just like your bank account.

Saving time and expenses

Many companies underestimate the enormous savings potential concerning travel expenses and personnel processes. Workload and expenses are accepted as if they were inevitable.

Using HRworks, you can save more than 50% of administrative costs in your company.

Available globally and anytime

Everywhere, at any time, at any location – HRworks makes you flexible. Travel expenses, holiday and master data can be administered comfortably in the hotel or at home. An interent access with a current browser is all you need. Local installations of a product and manual updates are not necessary.

Easy operation

The operation of HRworks is easy and intuitive, staff trainings or lengthy induction phases are redundant. Tutorials, assistants and online help systems give an extra support to your employees.

All settings can be implemented by administrators in your company.

Always up-to-date

Always be up-to-date with our product. Relevant legal regulations like EStG, BUrlG are perfectly implemented. All valid allowances like meals per diem, overnight allowances and mileage allowances – national and international – country-specific holidays and up-to-date exchange rates are deposited in the system and get updated automatically by the HRworks Personal Management Software.

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No paper chase

HRworks uses electronic workflows, supported by e-mail.

Information gets shared in real time and lead times are shortened. The billing of receipts, the application and approval of absences and the feeding and archiving of personnel file listings as well as many more administrative processes run paperless with HRworks.

Employee Self Service

HRworks gives every employee employees a fast and easy access to all data and menus that are relevant. Employees administer travel expenses, absences and master data themselves. This strengthens their individual responsibility and relieves the accountant’s department and personnel department.

Seamless integration

HRworks adapts perfectly to your existing system structure. This is guaranteed by open product interfaces to payroll / financial accounting programs, to Outlook and Google calendars as well as interfaces to import credit card turnovers.

Ready to go in just a few days

The configuration of HRworks with a Setup Wizard is to implement within about 1.5 days. An experienced consultant will accomany you. Taking part in the Administrator Trainings “Personnel Management” and “Travel Management” will not only make you a HRworks expert, but ensures a profitable service in your company.

Convince yourselves anytime of all personnel management features in any product area and demand a free demo.