One software to improve all your HR-processes

Personnel Management

HRworks – the all rounder when it comes to personnel management With the base functions of the HR software you will save time and effort  handling routine processes. From candidate management to employment references, you will easily master the entire HR-Management. Get shot of  isolated applications and Excel Charts! The Administration of personnel data and the electronic personnel file will ensure a well-arranged and efficient management of staff data and wage and salary. Use human capital in efficiently with the integrated functions performance reviews and skill management.

Travel Management

You will save over 50% of time and administrative costs at your travel expenses calculation with HRworks. From trip orders over electronic receipts to reimbursement of travel expenses, HRworks automates and optimizes all processes. Employees encompass their receipts online around the clock and around the globe. Moreover, HRworks provides a legally proved electronic driver’s license check. The results are convincing – Less effort for your personnel management, accounting, fleet administration and IT department.

Time Management

The perfect solution for a modern Time Management. HRworks´ time tracking will adapt to your company. No matter where your work takes place – in your office, homeoffice, via smartphone, tablet or even via kiosk. You’ll benefit from utterly easy recording, flexible ways of time tracking methods, a clearly arranged time account and automatic analyses. Employees, Supervisors and Staff Department can keep track of vacation times and sickness notifications with the absence administration of HRworks.

Save Tax

Are you looking for a comfortable way to save on taxes? With HRworks you can lower your payroll taxes and strengthen the employer image of your company at the same time. Order, distribute and administrate tax-free vouchers or flat tax vouchers comfortably via HRworks. Tax-free meal contributions within HRworks are a further possibility to reward good work and save money simultaneously.