Digital driver's license check for employees in your company

Digital driver’s license check for employees in the company

Mit der digitalen Führerscheinkontrolle für Mitarbeiter im Unternehmen wickeln Sie die Überprüfung der Führerscheine bei Nutzung von Firmenwagen mühelos elektronisch ab. Die HR Software minimiert den manuellen Kontroll- und Dokumentationsaufwand und erinnert Sie und Ihre Mitarbeiter automatisch an ausstehende Führerscheinprüfungen. Mit der digitalen Führerscheinkontrolle profitieren Sie von der Kosten- und Zeitersparnis sowie der rechtlichen Absicherung im Schadensfall.

Rechtssichere elektronische / digitale Führerscheinkontrolle für Firmenwagen mit HRworks

Legal protection thanks to digital driver´s license check

As an employer and vehicle owner of company cars, a regular driver’s license check is your duty (§ 21 Abs. 1 Nr. 2 StVG). Only the insight of original documents avoids  criminal consequences.

The digital driver’s license check helps you to fulfill your liability as a car owner. The legally examined video proof via mobile Web App offers a maximum of manipulation safety and is comparable with a manual driver’s license check on-site.

Automatic notification

The HR Software asks your employees via E-Mail to proof the validity of their driver’s license. Administrators are informed about overdue driver’s license checks.

You can decide whether your company would use a picture upload, a live picture proof or a legally examined video proof to process the employee driver’s license check.

After defining the interval, the type of proof and the persons who shall be subject to checks, the process of digital driver’s license check runs automatically in HRworks. You do not have to think about it.

HRworks erinnert Ihre Mitarbeiter automatisch an die digitale Führerscheinkontrolle

Easy processing without an employer form

The organisational effort of a driver’s license check is reduced to a minimum with the digital check. The process is self-explanatory and is feasible in just a few steps.

Driver’s licenses can be submitted with any device (Computer, Smartphone and tablet) having a camera function and a currend web browser. Your employees will be guided through the entire Controlling process – step by step.

Using the picture proof, your employees take a photo of the front and back of their driver’s license with the camera of their computer, tablet or smartphone.* The legally examined video proof with a randomly generated control code increases counterfeit protection. After a successful check, nothing stops your employees from using the company cars. Antiquated “Driver’s license check employer forms” are a thing of the past.

Automatic documentation

Avoid the entire effort of documentation using the digital driver’s license check. Submitted and checked proofs are saved automatically in the software. The related protocol shows all uploads and status changes of the electronic driver’s license check.

Digitale Mitarbeiter Führerscheinkontrolle Elektronisch

* The Feature driver’s license check with live picture upload is supported by the Browsers Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Opera. Additionally, the usage is possible with the operating System iOS 11 on IPhones and IPads as well as on devices with MacOS “High Sierra” in Safari.