Digital Personnel Files / Electronic Personnel Files in HR Software


Digital Personnel Files manages all personal data and documents centrally and safely, as you can access needed documents of the Electronic Personnel Files Software anytime. Digital Personnel Files offers you a modern document management, replacing your entire paper files. Privacy and Data Protection is guaranteed at all times by most modern encryption technologies.


Digital personnel files: Storage saving paperwork and space

The archiving of personal data such as Performance Reviews, correspondence or contracts with Digital Personnel Files follows the same principle as the storage in a file folder. Save the different personnel documents in thematic categories – definable individually. Examples for this would be “Certificates”, “Personnel developement” or “Application documents”.

The Digital Personnel File is easy accessible point-and-click. This spares you needless copies and helps you to save space while storing the documents. Naturally, all entries can be printed if necessary. Hence, the Electronic Personnel Files replaces your entire paper file and Supports a modern Personnel Management.

Basket for electronic documents

The Electronic Personnel File eases the administration and archiving of documents due to the Employee Self Service, too.

Employees can upload document files right into the HR Software of HRworks – for their own personnel file. The responsible HR Manager will be informed about new personnel documents in the basket. Then, he saves them as a new entry in the personnel file of the said employee, with easy to use drag-and-drop. The Digital Personnel Files spares you multiple scanning, copying and filing away personnel information in paper form.



Document upload via e-mail into the electronic personnel files

The upload of personnel documents is even easier via E-Mail. Send all needed personel documents to the central document inbox of HRworks. This spares you an additional work step.

Authorized users can send their documents for personnel files  directly to the address of the company inbox – irrespective of their E-Mail program or digital device. Thus, it is possible to upload several documents to the HRworks basket for electronic documents at once – via scanner, for instance.

Digitize and import entire paper files with the electronic personnel files

The Import of personnel files helps you to digitalize your entire paper archive in no time. Scan and import any number of personnel files – all at once. All personnel file documents will be transferred to HRworks sorted by persons and categories. The automatic allocation is made possible by special cover sheets that get slid in between persons, categories and individual documents.

elektronische personalakte personalaktenimport einfach gestalten in die digitale Personalakte

Personnel files with automatic recalls

The integrated automatic recalls of file entries is another work facilitation for the Personnel Department. The Software takes on notifications – and reminds you of a recurring task in personnel work or of a further check of personnel documents.

Just create a recall for entries in the Electronic Personnel Files, reminding you of overdue discussions or of salary negotiations with employees. The open tasks will be displayed in a chart on a special screen.

You will be also reminded on your personal todo-list, so that you you’ve got all the process around the document management on sight.

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Digital Personnel File with a maximum of data security

Even sensitive personal data can be stored safely in a digital form within HRworks.  All data are perfectly secure thanks to the encryption to AES-256, one of the most used and safest encryption algorithms. This guarantees data security using the Digital Personnel File.

In Addition the access to Electronic Personnel Files is regulated by the proven role-based authorisation concept. This makes sure that the inspection of the Digital Personnel File is only possible for authorized persons within your company.

Digitale Personalakte - Das Rollenkonzept für den Datenschutz in der elektronischen Personalakte
digitale personalakte: freigabe von personalakteneinträgen

Approval of personnel file entries

The individual distribution of access authorizations for personnel files and single personnel file entries will save even more time and effort.

The complex production and distribution of copies will lapse with the HR Software HRworks. Not only the awarding of read or write permissions for supervisors, but also the release of personnel file entries for employees to review is operable specifically. What’s more, it is possible to define the duration of availability of single personnel file entries in the software.

The electronic personnel file eases collaboration of Personnel Department and Management, offering your employees the possibility to quickly and comfortably examine relevant personnel documents.

All employee data in one place

Besides the employment contract or cerfiticates of further education, all documents referring to the employment relationship and personnel developement can be saved as PDF file – as well as many more documents.

All important employee documents can be stored and called up clearly arranged and safe. You can structure the Electronic Personnel File yourself, and file the respective data as you think it is appropriate. Afterwards, it will not be needed anymore to dig for documents in different folders.

Digitale Personalakte - Elektronische Personalakte - Kategorien für Personalakteneinträge

Elektronische Personalakte - Schneller Zugriff auf alle Funktionen

Quick access to all personnel documents

You are able to retrieve information to employees and Supervisors anytime and call up personal data point-and-click. Additionally, the integrated search function of Digital Personnel Files eases the search for needed documents. A laborious scan of paper files is redundant.

Comments for single file entries can be written digitally with the help of an integrated note function – they can be archived and reviewed together with the electronic documents.

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