Digital time tracking / mobile timeplanning online with HR Software

Digital time tracking / Mobile time registration online or via Web App

Time tracking with HRworks is easy just using a smartphone or a browser. No extra time tracking hardware or timeplanning system is needed. The timekeeping for employees is performed online, via Web App or Terminal. Supervisors get a fully transparent overview of the working hours of their team and the personnel department transfers the timeplanning to payroll accounting. Digital time tracking online – whether browser, terminal or mobile with the Web App – with the cloudbased HR Software.

Bei HRworks ist die Arbeitzeiterfassung als App kostenlos - somit steht der digitalen Zeiterfassung online nichts mehr weg - Ihr mobiles Zeiterfassungssystem / Zeiterfassungsterminal in der online HR Software App

Digital time tracking online / timekeeping

Only two clicks are needed to create and save a time recording with time tracking in HRworks – “Start working time recording” and “Stop working hours”. The time tracking for your employees  is directly feasible in HRworks – whether at the desktop, on your way with a smartphone or stationary via time tracking terminal / kiosk. By this means, the digital time recording is a service free of extra charge – included in the price of the HRworks HR Software.


Place-bound timekeeping via kiosk / time tracking terminal

For the place-bound time tracking, HRworks offers a kiosk management. A central computer or an ordinary tablet funtions as time tracking terminal – no additional hardware is required – as it would using a proprietary timeplanning system. All employees receive a four-digit pin to clock-in and clock-out comfortably and thus perform their timekeeping.

Zeiterfassung online per Zeiterfassungssystem im Zeiterfassungsterminal Kiosk-System: Mit einer vierstelligen Pin stempeln sich Mitarbeiter bequem ein und aus.
Zeiterfassungsarten bei der Arbeitszeiterfassung - Zeiterfassung online

Time tracking online – flexible ways of timekeeping

Decide whether an employee should just be able to sign in and out or whether he should be allowed to carry out and correct his own time registration. Timeplanning of HRworks offers full flexibility when it comes to break regulations and overtime rules. Thus, the HR software fully adapts to your regulation of work hours and makes time registration a breeze.

Besides time tracking, discover the other features of the HR software of HRworks – test the product without subscription and for free

Details of the timeplanning system

The digital time sheet contains all details about the daily recorded working times: Working hours, target hours, overtime hours, differences and break times. Every digital stamping process will be listed clearly in a chart. The digital timeplanning works hand in hand with the absence Administration. Target hours stem from deposited working plans and from possible absences like holiday or illness.

Zeitkonto in der Arbeitszeiterfassung online der Abwesenheiten in der HR Software HRworks
Arbeitszeiterfassung / Zeiterfassung online im Zeiterfassungssystem von der HR Management Web App in HRworks

Time account: monthly overview, time off, and correction function

The time account provides an overview of negative hours and overtime hours on a monthly basis for employees and HR managers. If overtime worked gets compensated in form of time off, the employee will request a reduction of overtime via HRworks Absence Administration – desktop or mobile via Web App. The time off in lieu or manual working time corrections are documented automatically in the time account.

Evaluation of working hours online

Just like all modules do, timeplanning offers evaluation possibilities directly in the system. With just a few clicks, you receive a functional Brief overview of working hours in the online timekeeping or extensive Reports about hours worked per organizational unit, persons and period of time.

Arbeitszeiten Kurzübersicht im Export der Zeiterfassung online in der HR Software von HRworks