Leave Management Software / Absence Management

The Leave Management Tool maintains vacation calendars without additional effort – for employees and supervisors to call up anytime and anywhere. Illegible application forms and impractical holiday planner in Excel are passé as soon as you get to use Absence Management. You will be able to submit, or as a supervisor, rather check and approve holidays or absenteeisms anytime using the Leave Management in the HRworks Web App.

Urlaubsplaner App / Urlaubsverwaltung Software - HR Software dient nicht nur zur Urlaubsverwaltung sondern auch als Abwesenheitsverwaltung - mobil per Web App in HRworks

Self Service & digital workflows ensure an automatic absence overview in Leave Management

Introducing the Leave Management Software will relieve your personell management.

You also don’t have to calculate your part time holiday accruals and so the time costly holiday account management. Our leave planner saves you and your company a lot of money.

Individual configuration & adjustment to specific absences in Leave Management

Absence Management adapts perfectly to your individual requirements. The software takes special holidays into account, too (such as holidays for your city or your company). Moreover, specific types of absences can be defined and individual working plans can be deposited in the Holiday Planner.

Verschiedene Abwesenheiten eintragen und verwalten in der Urlaubsverwaltung Software
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Correct calculation of holiday entitlement for full-time and part-time employees in Leave Management

The HR software calculates holiday entitlements automatically considering the entry date and the type of holiday – for full-time and part-time employees. Of course, individual work schedules will be considered, too. Retrospective changes cause an automatic recalculation of the correct holiday entitlement. Thus, all leave accounts of your employees will always be up-to-date – same as all Holiday planners and the desktop version.

Besides Leave Management, discover all other inclusive features of the HR software by HRworks and get a free and non-binding trial.

Transparent calendars in Leave Management Software guarantee an overview for supervisors & team

All days of holiday recorded online in the vacation planner will be shown automatically in the HRworks calendar and then booked on the leave account of the employee. HRworks will mark all trips recorded using the module travel expense calculation automatically in the team calendar. This ensures that you can discover any occuring clashes of dates or staff shortages early. This ensures that with the Leave Management Software, uneconomic bad planning will be a thing of the past.

Die Organisationsübersicht in der Urlaubsverwaltung Software von HRworks
Die Krankmeldungsübersicht in der Abwesenheitsverwaltung vom HR Management

Workflow for sickness notifications and absenteeism

Bradford-Factor & Heatmap

bradford - faktor - absentismus erkennen - gesundheitsmanagement in der Abwesenheitsverwaltung von HRworks



Berichtserstellung der Abwesenheitsverwaltung online in der Urlaubsverwaltung Software

Calculation of holiday accrual & export files for your Time Tracking System

The Leave Management Software calculates holiday accruals and creates Holiday certificates at the push of a button. Receive informative evaluations about the absences of your employees in just a few steps. As a matter of course, all time registration entries will be shown in the timekeeping. Thanks to the easy creation of export files for Time Tracking Systems, the Leave Management Software blends in to your existing software landscape and organizational structure.

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