• Everything online

    The employee sets his request for time off online, entering the desired type of absence, the begin and end date of the absence, and nominates a deputy if applicable. Phone calls, requests via E-Mail and the  dispatch of requests via internal mail are omitted. The request for time off will be forwarded to the supervisor of the employee, including all relevant information and without detours. An audit-proof recording of all processes guarantees traceabilty. Using HRworks, no request for time off will be lost and your employees always know the current status of their request. 

  • Clearly arranged approval mask

    In the menu “Approval”, Supervisors or approvers for absences can see all open requests for time off at a glance.  

    You have access to the details of the requests and can view the leave account of the respective employee.  

  • E-mail and desktop notifications

    The supervisor will be informed about requests for time off via E-Mail – he can review them directly, then approve or deny them point-and-click. Notification e-mails inform supervisors about due requests and offer a summary of all requested leave days.Thus, requests for time off will not get lost and a timely processing is guaranteed. As soon as a supervisor is logged in at HRworks, he will be informed about incoming requests of his employees via desktop notification.

  • Tasks and Reminder Function

    After signing in, every employee receives an overview of all due tasks in form of a personal to do list sorted by roles. Diverse notification e-mails sent periodically by HRworks point out unsettled tasks. By this means, supervisors – for instance – get informed about open requests for time off and receive an overview of already requested leave days.

  • Deputy function

    In the course of performing a request for time off, a deputy for the respective period of time can be inquired and registered. The deputy undertakes the tasks of the absent employee.

    If he substitutes a supervisor, the deputy receives his approval mails for processing. 

  • Leave Account OnTime

    As soon as the employee has made a request for time off, his leave account will be updated automatically. In this way, employees, supervisors, and personnel department are always informed about currently available leave days.

  • No multiple entries & automatic calendar synchronization

    Using the absence management of HRworks, a manual registration in several appointment calendars is obsolete. All absences will be added to the HRworks calendar already while planning them. The entries can then be exported to appointment calendars or time tracking systems with just a few clicks. If you use Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar (Office 365) for your  appointment Management, an automatic synchronization stands at your disposal additionally. Your absences and all amendments will thus be transferred to your Outlook / Google Calendar automatically while saving the process in HRworks.

Benefit from HRworks

Self Service & electronic workflow – from requests for time off to provisions, your personnel processes will run uncomplicated and completely paperless with HRworks. The electronic and efficient program maintains the absences and leave days of your employees almost automatically. Made possible by Employee Self Service, processes can be initiated by the employee himself and then be forwarded to the right recipient by HRworks. Task lists and notification mails guarantee that work orders arrive at the responsible employee and due tasks can be processed timely. Employee requests, manual transfers, multiple entries and calculations are omitted – so you save precious working time.