Personnel Management base functions - structure, employees & events

Personnel management base functions

Lernen Sie jetzt die Basisfunktionen im Personalmanagement der HR Software kennen

The personnel management base functions in HRworks fasten time-consuming routine processes. Moreover, you can always keep track of employees, responsibilities and corporate structure. Employee Self Service and electronic Workflows ensure efficient processes. By this means, the HR Software assists you with successful Personnel Management and supports your employees doing their daily work. 

Clearly administer master personnel data

With the personnel management base functions you can administer any data of your employees  – from address to social security number. Keep an overview and call up any needed information anytime.

Employees can feed individual data such as addresses or bank accounts themselves online, at their desktop or mobile via Web App. Personnel management will be eased noticeably and your personnel department will be released. The personnel management base functions of HRworks keep all master data up to date.

Personalmanagement Basisfunktion Dashboard Übersicht in der Human Resource Software HRworks
Personalmanagement Basisfunktion Ereignisse Aufgabenverwaltung in der Human Resource Software

Task management

Keep track of your Tasks and no to-do gets left behind: You can see all personnel Tasks, that are still open in your central to-do list, directly after login: Whether some travel expenses or absences are due to examination and approval, whether an employee needs a job reference or your drivers licence check is overdue. The task management of HRworks tells you what to do and then leads you to the relevant menu.

Automatic notifications

HRworks strengthens human resources and informs you as a supervisor about the anniversaries of your team members. Receive a monthly overview of all birthdays and anniversaries of your employees in a special mask of personnel management base functions.

Automatic e-mails remind you of birthdays, company anniversaries or even of a person´s probationary period. Thus, HRworks Supports you actively at employee administration.

Personalmanagement Basisfunktion Ereignisse hinzufügen in der Human Resource Software
Personalmanagement Basisfunktion Organigramm in der Human Resource Software

Create individual organisation charts and your corporate structure

Deposit the individual organizational structure of your company in HRworks. The Software will then create clearly arranged organization charts showing the structures and hierarchies of your organisation. Your employees receive an appealing, graphic overview of teams in the company, their staff members, hierarchical structures and the distribution of operational tasks.

Besides personnel management base functions, get informed about further features of the HR software and get a free trial now.

Employee directory

The employee directory gives you Access to the telephone numbers and E-Mail addresses of your colleagues – irrespective of your location and your digital device. As an employee, you can define in your personal settings whether your data should be available for your colleagues or not. Additionally, a practical Absence display informs you whether your colleagues are present or absent.

Personalmanagement Basisfunktion Mitarbeiterverzeichnis in der Software
Mitarbeiterdaten, die in HRworks hinterlegt sind, können über diese Funktion ausgewertet werden.

Evaluations of employee data

All personnel data maintained within the scope of personnel management in HRworks can be called up, evaluated and processed in diverse lists. At the push of a button, the software will create individual Evaluations for locations, departments and employees.

By this means, HRworks eases daily administrative work in your company when it comes to the tasks of personnel managment.

KPI in personnel management base functions

HRworks guarantees an efficient reporting system in human resources. Usual HR codes like women´s quota or full-time equivalent are accessible with a click of the mouse. The evaluations for desired periods of time will be issued as clear bar charts or line charts – accumulated or sorted by departments. A huge saving of time: The gathering and editing of data from different programs such as time management and personnel database is omitted.

Personalmanagement Basisfunktion HR Kennzahlen in der Human Resource Software
Personalmanagement Basisfunktion Dokumentenvorlage bearbeiten in der HR Software

Integrated letter layouts

Integrated letter layouts ease personnel management and internal correspondence between personnel department, accountant’s Department and employees. Recipient addresses and return addresses are generated by the Software automatically out of company details, production sites and addresses of employees.

Integrated document templates

The integrated document templates save time for a distribution of standard documents. Upload files in HRworks (like a request for parental leave or work instructions)or create them in the System (like employment contracts or implementation documents) . For this, different components stand at your disposal such as a salutation, Name or addresses – to be filled with the data of he recipient automatically. The saved documents and templates can be sent via E-Mail directly from HRworks to fed employees or applicants.

Personalmanagement Basisfunktion Dokumentenvorlage hinzufügen