Corporate Benefits and Tax Saving for companies

Corporate Benefits


Applicable for all employees in Germany

Reward employees for their good Performance and save incidental wage costs in the same time: Corporate benefits help you to kill two birds with one stone by saving taxes efficiently. Tax Advantages offered by the german tax law often stay unused; their calculation and  implementation are too complicated, the administrative effort is too big. Exploit the Maximum savings potential with the HR Software point-and-click! Corporate Benefits help you to save hard cash, strengthen the staff retention and your employer image. Read on and learn how your company can save taxes easily and legally – with HRworks.

Tax-exempt vouchers

Tax-exempt vouchers for employees help to save the complete incidental wage costs and halve your expenses – awarded monthly instead of a usual salary increase or for personal occasions like birthdays or employee anniversaries. Your Company can save a tax amount of up to 648 € per employee and year with this Corporate Benefit! Make full use of this tax benefit and don’t miss the given money!

Up to

648 €

gross for net
per employee and year

Flat-rate tax vouchers

Not only your employee will benefit from a generous bonus payent – the tax office will, too. The Feature Flat-rate Tax Vouchers, one of the “Tax Saving Functions” of HRworks,  will help you to reduce thetaxation at top tax rates by almost one half. Moreover, you can make the donee exempt from the tax burden. By this means, you can take full advantage of all tax benefits granted by the legislators. Benefit from up to 2.668,41 € per suitable employee and year.

Tax saving of up to

2.668,41 €

per suitable employee and year

Meal grants

Reward your employees with up to 1.329,30 € more net amount per year in the form of meal grants – free of tax and social security. Companies and employees benefit from these Corporate Benefits with HRworks and save the time for calculating, awarding and documentation of meal vouchers. By this means, you can save taxes in an efficient manner for your company.

Up to

1.329,30 €

gross for net per employee and year

Corporate Benefits: Save taxes with the HR Software HRworks

With Corporate Benefits, the Special features to save taxes, the Personnel Software creates a win-win situation for employers and employees. On the one Hand, employees benefit from vouchers, flat-rate tax vouchers and meal grants for more gross for net. On the other Hand, companies save hard cash using the functions. This works by the Software utilizing given tax incentives without great effort.

In the meantime, Corporate Benefits Features ensure the compliance of legal requirements. By this means, the Features -if deployed correctly – can lower the incidental wage costs in your Company and guarantee a stronger  staff retention and a positive Employer Branding.

Corporate Benefits without paperwork

Utilize the given possibilities to save taxes with Corporate Benefits – without paperwork. The whole Benefits area is organized digitally. Thus, you can order and dispatch employee vouchers with just a few clicks. Review submitted meal receipts digitally on your screen. Providing material assets, presents, voucher cards or meal vouchers is omitted.

Additionally, all Benefits are documented in the Software automatically. Employees administer their received Benefits comfortably with the HRworks Web App online, via smartphone or tablet.