Save tax

Save Tax

For employees in Germany

Reward employees for their good performance and lower incidental wage costs simultaneously – with HRworks, you can save tax and kill two birds with one stone. Tax benefits for German employees and companies go to waste, because their calculation and implementation are too complicated and the administrative effort is too large. HRworks helps you to tap the full potential of potential savings point-and-click! You save hard cash and strengthen your employer image at the same time. Read on and learn, how your company can reduce its tax bill legally with HRworks.

Tax-free Vouchers

With tax-free vouchers for employees – awarded monthly instead of a standard pay raise or on personal occasions like birthdays or employee jubilees – you can save the entire incidental wage costs and halve your expenses. Your company saves up to 648€ per employee and year! Use this tax advantage to full capacity and don´t miss out on the given money!

Up to

648 €

gross for net per employee and year

Flat-rate Tax Vouchers

Not only employees cash in on generous bonuses, the tax office does, too. With HRworks and its feature flat-rate tax vouchers, you can cut the taxation on highest tax rates by almost one half, plus relieve the presentees from their tax burden. Benefit from a tax allowance of up to 2.027 € per suitable employee and year.

Tax allowance of up to

2.668,41 €

per suitable employee and year

Meal Grants

Reward your employees with up to 1.316,70 € more net per year in form of meal grants – free of tax and social security costs. With HRworks, companies cash in on a profitable employee benefit and save time for calculation, granting and documentation of meal vouchers.

Up to

1.316,70 €

gross for net per employee and year