Tax free vouchers for employees - directly out of the software

Tax free vouchers for employees

Vouchers for employees, tax free and without additional costs

You would like to disburse up to 648 € per year to your employees, tax-exempt and free from social security? Read on and learn how to create and send tax free vouchers for employees directly in the personal management Software HRworks.  By this means, companies, supervisors and employees benefit from the german tax law and from tax free vouchers!

Tax free vouchers for employees – Your benefits

44 Euros tax free and free of social security

Save hard cash

Vouchers for employees are considered as tax-exempt benefits in kind after § 8 Abs. 2 EStG. No taxes or social security are due up to an exemption limit of 44 Euro a month. A monetary payment must be impossible.

Your company saves the entire incidental wage costs.

60 Euros, tax free and free from social security for personal occasions

Save time and effort

Smalll Gifts for employees for personal occasions such as birthdays, long-service anniversaries or weddings have to be picked out, bought, wrapped and distributed. This effort will lapse if you send vouchers at a value of up to 60 Euros as tax-exempt service offered by the employer (R 19.6, Abs. 1 LStR).

Order and distribute vouchers for your employees, with just a few clicks and without any additional effort.

Advantages for supervisors

Create performance incentives

Non-cash benefits allow Supervisors to reward employees specifically for good performances – to create incentives and to motivate the team.

Offer your supervisors the effective management tool of tax free vouchers.

Tax free vouchers for employees

Benefit financially from tax exemption

Vouchers are a profitable thing because of their tax exemption. Especially when compared with a salary increase, when only half of the gross amount is remaining after deducting taxes and social security.

Considering 12 vouchers at 44 Euros and one voucher at 60 Euro for birthday and company anniversary, you willl save up to 648 Euros a year.

Every cent arrives at the employee fully – gross for net.

Tax free vouchers for employees – HR software can do it!

Vouchers for employees: Integrated and without additional fee

The integrated feature of HRworks allows an easy order, dispatch and administration of tax-exempt grants in form of vouchers – with a click of the mouse.

Additionally, you receive a detailed invoice containing the Basic Information of the single orders, the monthly voucher value, the types of vouchers and the names of the donees.

No additional fee is charged when ordering tax free vouchers via HRworks.

Compliance to the tax exemption limit at vouchers for employees

The exemption Limit of 44 Euros a month or 60 Euros as a gift for personal occasions will be fulfilled when ordering vouchers with HRworks.

Jubilarians will be suggested in the System and awarded vouchers are displayed in a monthly overview. All names, received vouchers and voucher amounts will be listed in detail in the invoice.

A violation of the tax exemption limit will be avoided from the software. You can keep the overview and the control of all expenses.

Explained by our tax professional: What yu need to know about tax-exempt vouchers

Automatic notification of anniversaries of your employees

By means of the birthday and entry date information deposited in the master data, HRworks informs you about coming anniversaries in your Team weekly, via E-Mail. Jubilarians and appropriate vouchers will be suggested automatically. It is possible to directly order vouchers, amend a personal greeting text and send it with a click of the mouse out of the overview mask.

HRworks reminds you automatially of birthdays and Company anniversaries of your employees.

Variety of products included in the vouchers* vouchers can be redeemed  on and other Partner websites, offering millions of products!

The huge product varietyy of includes books, electronics, music, MP3 downloads, film and TV, clothes, video games, software, sport & outdoors, toys, baby, computer and office, home and garden, jewellery, beauty, construction market, office supplies, camera and photo, animal supplies and even more.

Remaining amounts of vouchers can not be paid off as cash – this guarantees a classification as non-cash benefit. Thus, employees can benefit from the tax-exempt vouchers.

Gutscheine für Mitarbeiter steuerfrei - als steuerfreie Arbeitgeberleistung über HRworks bestellen und Arbeitnehmer mit einem Klick zukommen lassen.

All at a glance: Tax free vouchers for employees

Your Advantage:


gross for net

per employee and year

free from taxes and social security

Target group
All employees in Germany

  • Every single cent arrives at the employee

  • Tax free and free of social security

  • Available quickly, without additional effort

  • Tax free vouchers without additional fee

  • Wide variety of presents for employees

  • Exemption limit of renumeration in kind is fulfilled

* is no sponsor of this promotion. vouchers (“vouchers”) are redeemable at selected products on and Special Partner Websites. They may not be sold or given to other persons for a payment. A cash payment is excluded. Issuer is Amazon EU S.à.r.l. in Luxemburg. Neither Amazon nor connected companies  bear liablilty in the case of loss, theft, damage or misuse of a voucher. Vouchers can be redeemed on You can find the complete terms and conditions. All Amazon  ® ™ & © products are property of, Inc. or connected companies. The vouchers are redeemable until the given expiration date. No service fees are charged.