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Reduce the effort of accounting your travel expenses calculation with HRworks and use the extra time for all the important things! The Feature travel expense accounting of HRworks guarantees an efficient and trouble-free accounting f travel expenses with its thought out electronic workflow – from the order of travel resources, the submitting and approval of trips to the travel expenses report.

The work with the intelligent Travel Expense Software is done following the principle of Employee Self Service. Employees enter their data themselves to invoice their travel expenses, around the clock, around the globe, with any device. This means less effort at invoicing travel expenses for Human Resources, Accountant’s Department and IT Department!

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Digital Workflow & easy to use

The easy handling of HRworks combined with E-Mail supported electronic Workflows ensure a simple and comfortable travel expense accounting. The electronic planning, recording, approval and checking of trips and their travel expense report speeds up your billing process.

Implement travel tax law

The complex legal regulations of travel expense in tax law of many countries worldwide are implemented in HRworks – you do not need to think about it.

The travel expense software of HRworks delas with it at the record date. Suitable for your travel expenses accounting abroad.

Reisekostenabrechnung Ausland - steuerliche Reisekostenrecht - Reisekosten Software HRworks Diäten Österreich
Prüfung der Reisekostenabrechnung mit digitalen Belegen - Reisekostenabrechnungen und Reisekosten mit HRworks HR Software abrechnen - Spesenberechnung Programm

Electronic documents

Hrworks offers you the possibility to attach receipts in PDF Format to your travel expense accounting, to integrate them into the electronic workflow and to archive them. Whether at the Desktop, tablet or with a Smartphone via mobile Web App: Supervisors, Accountant’s Department and Human Resource can Review and check the scanned receipts anytime online.

Import of credit card payments

There is an even easier way! HRworks has an Interface to import credit card turnovers – without detours and without paperwork! The receipts imported that way just have to be allocated to the desired trip in the travel expense report.

Kreditkarten Import für die Reisekostenabrechnung bei den Reisekosten automatisiert
Reisekostenabrechnung zu SAP oder anderen Finanzdienstleistungssoftware oder Lohnbuchhaltung jederzeit möglich und Segmentiert

Interface to financial accounting

HRworks offers a multitude of Interfaces for a Transfer of travel expense data to pursuing Financial Accounting Systems. Export files are accessible in just a few steps and a Manual Accounting is not necessary anymore. Billing travel expenses becomes mere child’s play.

Interface to wage accounting

All necessary wage tax data of the travel expense Accounting are calculated automatically in HRworks. The data can be called and transferred to the payroll accounting.

Besides travel expenses accounting, discover the other features of HRworks – Text the product free and non-binding

Reisekostenabrechnung revisionssicher Archivieren mit HRworks HR Software - Reisekosten mit Reisekostenabrechnungen und Spesenabrechnungen Archivierung

Audit-proof archiving of travel expenses

Archive your travel expenses completely and audit-proof in the travel expenses Software with HRworks. Archived travel Reports can not be saved or amended and are at your disposal for Reports and Evaluations at anytime. Save time for additional working steps and exoenses for a Software for archiving.

Individualize your travel expense software

HRworks is a travel expense software with customization options. All structures of your Company can be displayed one-to-one.

Fast Travel Expense Accounting

Get a Maximum of cost transparency thanks to extensive Evaluations. Numerous Reports allow  reportings by Projects, cost centres, employees and Locations.

Current exchange rates

HRworks offers the current exchange rates automatically. By doing so, the Software goes by the date of a receipt and thus gives correct Exchange rates in retrospect, too.

Reisekostenabrechnung Berichterstellung für Finanzbuchhaltung und Lohnbuchhaltung mit der HR Softwar von HRworks - Spesenabrechnungen und integrierter Spesenberechnung in einem Programm

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