Digital workflow and simple operating – benefit from HRworks

The digital workflow and simple operating are some of the most distinguishing features of HRworks. Your employees can get going with the application and recording of travel expenses at once. The quality of submitted documents increases massively, because errors can be avoided already while recording data in the digital workflow. This minimizes the effort of the respective specialist department and directly provides feedback concerning his travel expense calculation.

  • Everything online

    From recording to accounting – The digital Workflow guarantees a smooth data flow. The employee plans, orders and applies for Business trips online and records all relevant data during or after his trip. Expenses that incur beyond a trip or get submitted afterwards can also be recorded in form of  an expense report. All expenses are forwarded at the touch of a button – to a supervisor or approver of travel expenses who can directly approve them. After accounting examination, the needed booking details can be transferred to financial accounting via export file.

  • E-mails and desktop notifications

    Automated e-mails inform supervisors about requests for time off and travel expense reports that require approval. The supervisor can directly edit them and then approve them with a click of the mouse. If a Supervisor is logged in at the system, he will be informed about incoming requests via desktop notification – this way, he can act much quicker.

  • HRworks thinks

    Preoconfigured mandatory details and warnings help the employee to record his travel expenses. Possible errors can thus be avoided already during the entering of data. For isntance, the location and reason for hospitality are defined as mandatory details in receipts for entertainment expenses. Additionally, HRworks remembers your inputs and facilitates the travel expense registration by auto-complete and saved selection lists.

  • Tasks and reminder functions

    An easy operation and the personal to-do list sorted by roles awaits your employees directly after their login to HRworks. The employee will be forwarded to the relevant menu by clicking on a task, leading him to the area where he should get active. Additionally, notification mails that are sent periodically make sure that no tasks remain undone and the process of accounting can be completed as quickly as possible.

  • Clearly arranged masks for supervisors and accountant’s department

    Get an overview: Special masks for audit and approval of submitted travel expenses facilitate the work of supervisors and specialist departments. You receive all relevant information at a glance. Access detail information and electronic receipts with just one click.

  • Simple correction options

    If a mistake has found its way into the process nevertheless, the travel expenses auditor can directly make the needed correction. As an alternative, he can deny the submitted travel expense report and send a justification to the employee, inviting him to correct the report – directly from HRworks.

  • No multiple entries

    A multiple collection of data in the course of your travel expense accunting is not necessary anymore using HRworks. Once entered, all information are available for the employee, the supervisor, accountant’s department and personnel department and can be retrieved if needed. So if you use the feature of odering means of transport, it is possible to order them and to request a travel authorization for the trip at the same time. The trip will be saved automatically including all preconfigured receipts.

  • Automatic calendar synchronization with Google & Office

    Do you use Google Calendar of Office 365 Calendar for scheduling? Always keep your business trips up-to-date with the practical calendar synchronization. Once you have connected your calendars, all travel appointments will be transferred to your Google or Outlook Calendar while saving – including the respective destinations and all further amendments. Even less office organization for you! Besides automatic synchronization, you can also copy indivicual trips into your Google or Outlook Calendar with just one click.