Wage and Salary Management with the Human Resource Software

Wage and Salary Management

Wage and Salary: Link your Personnel Management Software with your Wage Software. Enter all payments to your employees into HRworks. On this Basis, you can plan salary increases, compare wage developements and ensure a transparency between the personnel department, supervisors and employees.

lohn gehalt verwalten in HR Software - Gehaltsdaten Erfassen und leicht überschauen

Wage and Salary – feed wage data

Document current and one-time payments and keep an eye on the salary developments of your employees. Current payments such as wage and sales commissions and one-time payments such as Christmas Bonus and other rewards can be fed quickly and then documented lucidly. Graphics are added, offering an additional transparency. The graphic is shown automatically in the area Wage and Salary – on the base of all payments in the course of time.

Define individual types of salary

Besides some defined types of wage, you can feed any number of types. This eases the categorization of payments to your employees.

Lohn und Gehalt Verwaltung in HR Software - Verschiedene Lohnarten
Lohn und Gehalt Verwaltung in HR Software Gehaltsentwicklung

Compare salaries with a click of the mouse in Wage and Salary Management

How did the salary of your team develop? How would you classify a new employee when it Comes to his salary?

Salary data, for salary negotiations and performance reviews, can be reviewed directly in the system. The Wage and Salary Management compares the wage and salary developements of your employees with just one click. A vivid graphic shows the result at a glance. Many different criteria can be defined in the wage an salary Segment and the graphic can thus adapt to the requirements of your evaluaiton.

Transfer documents of wage and salary online

Provide wage and salary documents for your employees online via HRworks. The self download for employees lowers requests and effort in payroll accounting. You can save on printing, distributing and sending of payroll slips. The automated allocation of documents ensures an almost Independent Distribution of monthly settlements.

Lohn und Gehalt Verwaltung in HR Software - Gehaltsdokumente Verwalten
Lohn und Gehalt Verwaltung in HR Software - Berichte erstellen

Reports and exports for payroll accounting and tax consultant

Alle Informationen für die Lohn- und Gehaltsabrechnung können in einem Export aus der Software an die Lohnbuchhaltung (LoBu) oder an Ihren externen Steuerberater übermittelt werden. Außerdem können Sie über die Berichtsfunktion Gehaltsdaten zwischen Organisationseinheiten oder die Gehaltsentwicklung einzelner Mitarbeiter vergleichen. Alle Verfügbaren Finanz und Lohnbuchaltungssysteme haben wir für Sie auf zusammengefasst.