Working Appliance Management - manage your working appliance online

Working Appliance Management

The integrated working appliance administration keeps the overview of all items on loan for your employees. HRworks will take on the management of all work appliances you offer your colleagues. Laptops, vehicles, keys or work clothes, but also immaterial goods like a power of attorney or software licenses can be fed in just a few steps, then configured individually and allocated to single employees. Thanks to a comfortable search and report function, you can keep the overview of all items in charge.

Arbeitsmittel online verwalten - Arbeitsmittelverwaltung in der Personalmanagement Software in der Übersicht

Configurable workflow of working appliance

From request to return, the complete administration of working equipment is integrated in HRworks. The workflow of approval is based on the approved role principle, is configurable and adapts to your in-house administration structure.

Punctual allocation of working appliance deliveries

All processes, like the change of a status, receipts or returns of working appliances are punctually documented in HRworks. Thus, you can plan efficiently and always know who of your employees owns what type of working appliance at a specific date.

Arbeitsmittelverwaltung und Arbeitsmittel online in HR Software
Arbeitsmittelverwaltung - Umfangreiche Berichte für Arbeitsmittel Erstellen

Reliable reporting

An integrated search function and extended possibilites of evaluation in the working appliance administration guarantee a perfect overview of your items on loan. See who owns what work equipment at what time and prevent loss or late return.

active reminder function

Automated e-mails inform about overdue requests for working appliance, open acknowledgements of receipt or missed returns. If work equipment gets marked as faulty in HRworks, the administrator  will receive a notification. directly.

Arbeitsmittel verwalten mit HRworks - Automatische Mail benachrichtigungen
mit der Arbeitsmittelverwaltung Arbeitsmittel online verwalten in HR Software

Administer individual work equipment

Besides usual and preconfigured work equipment like vehicles or mobile phones, individual types of working appliance and work equipment can be fed online in the HR software. Administer all fed work equipment comfortably online in the overview.

Free input windows for Working Appliance Management

To adapt and expand the characteristics of the working appliances individually, deposit additional information into the free input windows of the working appliances Administration – such as the registration of PIN and PUK or the sim number of a mobile phone.

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