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Online Application Setup –
The Starter

Online Setup through our Starter Assistant, together with a experienced consultant. Our consultant will explain you all the HR Software characteristics, answers all your questions and personalise content in a final system handover.




Price per user

Monthly price & fixed costs per user.

No hidden Costs. No minimum contract term. No subscribtion. Monthly cancelable

All HRworks features included:

Price / User

(monthly / min. 20 User)


Monthly basic fee: 20€

Administrator Training

The HRworks Starter package is for your fast start and rollout of the HR Software in your company and within the two-day training HR managers will be prepared for the competent work with HRworks. As a HRworks Administrator, you become  a qualified contact person in the matter of absence administration and personnel management.




All prices quoted in Euro, net and exclusive VAT. Reservedly errors and changes. The General Terms and Conditions of HRworks GmbH apply.

Our approach to pricing

Very fast setup

Through the online starter setup and the experienced consultant your can already start your work and use every feature of the HR software only 1-2 days after ordering.

Transparent HR Software Price & Costs

HR Software by HRworks wins you over with a fantastic price-performance ration. The same all-in-one performance – at one price – with a uniform rebate system – for all customers ! All HR Software Price & Costs are shown on this page and to keep you and your company flexible, HRworks without minimum contract term.

Scale as your company grow

HR Software HRworks is scalable at any time. The price for the monthly rental always scales on your actual users. You stay totally flexible and only pay for the user licences you really need.

All Features - All-in-one Price

All features of the HR software,  unlimited online storage for your data and documents are in the montly rental price included!


Administrator Training Personnel Management

As a HRworks-Administrator, you become  a qualified contact person in the matter of absence administration and personnel management. The two-day training will prepare HR managers for the competent work with HRworks.

(2-day training)


Administrator Training Travel Management

The two-day training around travel management will turn travel department and accountant into experts for travel expenses calculation with HRworks particulary from electronic receipt recording and checking to the export into financial accounting.

(2-day training)


FAQ to HR Software Price, Costs and Rental

Why is the pricing of HRworks so attractive, is there a catch?

There is no catch. The recipe of success and the HR Software Price consists of a large number of customers, the operation in the AWS-Cloud and an automatic administration:

  • development costs allocate to over 150,000 users, so the expenses are vanishing low for one individual customer.
  • The operation in the Cloud by Amazon Web Services keeps the costs low for server, staff and administration.
  • HRworks generates computations automatically online. The invoiced amount will be moved in with your account by debit. This is why HRworks faces only low administration costs.


How to bill the payoff of licenses?

The payoff is carried out on a monthly base. The month of online arrangement will be the first accounting month. Right after provision of performance, the invoicing practice will take place. A SEPA direct debit authorisation is required.

How is the transmission of computations carried out?

All of the computations are deposited in HRworks. You can review the computations online, save them as PDF or print them. HRworks will inform the appropriate administrator per mail as soon as a new computation is provided. The receptor can see that computation point-and-click easygoing, he can review it and save it. The cashing will follow about five days after receipt of the computation.

Is the number of users to lower or to increase?

You can lower or raise the number of HRworks users anytime. The monthly computation will be adapted to the current number of users. Anyway, at least 20 users will be charged. The last day of the month will be due day to calculate the current number of users. Lease will be charged for all users represented in the system or have been represented in the system within the month.

How can I recall HRworks?

You can recall HRworks anytime at the end of a month. HRworks does not demand a minimum contract period.