Information for your start


On this page you can find all information needed for a successful start with HRworks.
The introduction of HRworks in your company consists of the Installation of the system and the mandatory participation in an Administrator Training.



  1. Review of the installation with the consultant in charge (your contact person during the installation) and receipt of the access data.

  2. System configuration and record respectively import of all needed data with the help of the HRworks Setup Assistant.

  3. Final system handover via web and conference call.

  4. Go live and sending of the access data to all employees.

You will configure HRworks by means of the integrated Setup Assistant. The Assistant will guide you through all relevant menu points step by step. Please be aware that the process should not be performed by several persons at the same time to avoid the incorrect caption of data.

Person master data

Please hold a chart with all necessary personal data (such as name, address, bank account, etc.) A template for this file is available via Setup Assistant following the menu “Create persons”. “Employee-ID” and “User-ID” are mandatory fields in HRworks and have to be distinct. Enter surnames, names and the business mail addresses of every employee to dispatch the access data per mail.

Travel expenses calculation

Export the cost centres and cost units you would like to import into HRworks from your financial accounting system and save the data as a CSV-file for the import in HRworks. Please save cost centres and cost units in separate files.

Absence administration

Vacation corrections: Please hold a list of all vacation days made use of before the begin date of your HRworks contract.
Vacation entries: Please hold a list of all already approved absences before the begin date of your HRworks contract.
A CSV template to import vacation corrections and vacation entries is available via Setup Assistant.

Setup Assistant

Please log in with your access data via You can find the menu for settings, tools and support on the upper left area. Start the Setup Assistant and begin data acquisition.

You will configure HRworks online following the individual guidelines of your company. Your contact person will advise you during the preparation of all data. The consultant will also set up necessary system interfaces and check all settings and imports after closure of the Setup Assistant. A detailed system handover follows and afterwards, HRworks will be all set.

Dispatch access data to your employees so that they can capture their first data.

Administrator Trainings

For your employees from the personnel department and accountant’s department, the Administrator Trainings of HRworks are the perfect preparation for their future work with the software. The trainings are divided thematically into “Personnel management” and “Travel management”, all tailor-made for the specific field of work of the future administrators. This turns the participants into HRworks experts and competent contract persons for employees and colleagues.

You did not complete an Administrator Training yet? Sign in right now!

Starter Mail for your Employees and Colleagues

Get your employees informed in time! Use the email template to get your coworkers started with HRworks. The starter mail contains all important information. Your coworkers can get going straight away.