Onboarding Process for your personnel management in HR Software




Digital Onboarding Process – successful and efficient

At first, the Onboarding Process means additional effort and paperwork for personnel department. Numerous information and documents are required for implementation. Employees transmit them using different ways: via postal service, E-Mail, giving handwritten information or orally at the personnel office. Information that occur in the Onboarding Process are often illegible, incorrect or incomplete. Several phone calls and notification e-mails follow. This takes a lot of precious working time and money.

Wouldn´t it be brilliant if a onboarding software would take on this work during the setting process and you would receive all needed employee data in a digital personnel file in the system, ready without faults, complete and sorted?

HRworks Onboarding Prozess - Für die effiziente und angenehme Einstellung neuer Mitarbeiter.

The Onboarding Process of HRworks will make the chaos of bureaucracy come to an end. Include newly recruited employees into your company successfully before their first day using Employee Self Service. Receive all employee data required for personnel management in advance – digitally and directly in your System.

The Onboarding Process form – easy as that

The personnel department sends a digital onboarding document to the new employee, directly out of the Onboarding Process in HRworks. The future coworker receives the form via E-Mail and is welcomed  in your Company at the same time. He will fill in all data needed for Onboarding in personnel management – comfortably at home, using his computer or via Smartphone or tablet.

Required documents such as certificates of insurance, employment tax certifications or vacation statements from the previous employer can be attached digitally by the new team member. As soon as all compulsory details are fed, the completed document will be forwarded to personnel department with a click of the mouse.

Personalbeschaffung Bewerbermanagement Onboarding: E-Mail-Formular zum Aufüllen für den Mitarbeiter bequem von zu Hause im onboarding prozess
Onboarding Prozess Online Recruitment Bewerbermanagement Ampelsystem

By this means, you receive all needed employee data fully and sorted thematically in one system with the Onboarding Process in the HR software of HRworks. With a further click, HRworks creates a new Person out of the filled data. Just help yourself or forward employee master data out of HRworks via e-mail.

Professional Onboarding Software – benefits for employees and employers

No multiple entry

Employees enter their data into the form just once and are finished. No need to write anything off, copy data manually or scan them.

Easy completion using copy and paste

Long sequences of numbers like IBAN or social security numbers can be inserted using copy and paste. HRworks will verify them automatically and shows implausible entries to the employee while saving.

Less effort for personnel department

No writing off or entering in Excel Sheets, no gathering of needed forms, no phone calls. Transferring employee data to e.g. payroll accounting systems will run with the click of a mouse.

Perfect start for new employees

You present yourself as a professional employer and ease the start of new talents in your Company with the Onboarding Process.

Time saving for all concerned

Beginning at the first day, the professional incorporation and the developement of the new colleague into a productive team member is the main priority.

The Onboarding Process, same as many other features in the HR Software, is available for 6€ per user and month – get a free and non-binding Trial now