HR Software App by HRworks - mobile travel expense calculations and many more features

HR Software App by HRworks

Work mobile with the HR Software Web App: open, log in, start – anywhere, anytime, any device

HR Software App: free and available without download

The free HR Software app is available without charge for every HRworks user. As an employee or supervisor, you can use HRworks not only at your Desktop, but also comfortably on the go – irrespective of your digital device, whether in the taxi, at the airport of in your hotel room.

Record travel expenses, take photos of receipts with your Smartphone or finish your personnel management on the go. Corporate benefits, such as meal allowances or meal vouchers are possible.

Your own timekeeping or requests for holiday are done quickly mobile, master data like bank accounts or addresses can be kept up-to-date intuitively with the Personnel App. The upload of sick notes for the personnel department is possible without a problem, even directly after its receipt – with the free HR Software app by HRworks, via smartphone or tablet.

Bei HRworks ist die Arbeitzeiterfassung als App kostenlos - somit steht der digitalen Zeiterfassung online nichts mehr weg - Ihr mobiles Zeiterfassungssystem / Zeiterfassungsterminal in der online HR Software App

Travel expense calculation, time tracking, master data management and absence management on the go

HRworks App - Mobile Reisekostenabrechnung für Geschäftsreisen

Use the HR software features mobile via platform-independent Web App

The HRworks Web App is working platform-independently and usable on all mobile devices – in contrast to usual iPhone Apps or Android Apps. No matter what device – Android App, iPad App, iPhone App (iOS App), BlackBerry App or Windows Phone App.

The deposited responsive Webdesign ensures an adaption of the mobile interface to the special capacies of the used device.  Thus, the layout adapts perfectly to the size of your screen.

Whether for travel expenses calculations, as travel expense app, for timekeeping, for Absence Administration or mobile driver’s license check:

All Features are available in HRworks, via any device offering internet connection. Thus, you can stay productive on the go and make an effective use out of waiting times.

The Web App of HRworks is otimized for comfortable touch gestures – it uses an appropriate menu and a matching size of texts and buttons.

The HR Software app does not have to be bought and downloaded in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Downloads or Manual updates are not required. The mobile Interface is available for every HRworks user as a free, additional feature and is always up-to-date.

The web app is a feature of the HR Software and free for a maximum of 4€ per user and month get a free trial now!

Just log in the regular site of HRworks using with your smartphone or tablet. Your device will be recognized during the Login and the Interface will adapt to the size of your screen automatically.

No matter which browser you use, the HRworks Web App is browser-Independent compatible with Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry OS, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

The HRworks Web App is not a native app, but a lean, mobile site whose interface is optimized for the usage of smartphones and tablets. Thus, there are no more obstacles for your mobile HR Management.

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