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Mit HRworks haben wir ein Produkt für unsere Abwesenheitsverwaltung, Reisekostenabrechnung und Sachmittelverwaltung [jetzt: Arbeitsmittelverwaltung] gefunden, das transparent für die Mitarbeiter ist und interne Abläufe wesentlich vereinfacht. Zur Zeit nutzen wir noch nicht alle Möglichkeiten von HRworks, jedoch haben wir mit diesem Produkt ein tool, welches unsere work flows in Zukunft weiter optimieren wird.

Daniela SteckelRabobank International, Frankfurt BranchRabobank



Rabobank operations in Germany are fully integrated into the extensive global Rabobank network. Headquartered in Frankfurt, our goal is to become the premier bank to Food & Agribusiness firms in Germany plus selected companies in these sectors in Austria and Switzerland as well as to target financial product niches such as Leveraged Finance and/or Capital Markets. We pursue this aim by leveraging our specialized knowledge to deliver sophisticated, mutually profitable, and value-added financial solutions that directly address the customers‘ specific needs.

The Corporate Banking Department in Germany has adopted a sector specialisation strategy which focuses on the food and agribusiness sectors where it can achieve a broad penetration and leverage off of the unique experience and abilities of its staff. See below for the current sectors. All other food and agribusiness sectors are covered on a case by case basis.

Sectors: Agricultural Equipment, Beef/Poultry/Fish , Beverages, Dairy, Fresh Produce, Grains/Oilseeds/Milling, Processed Food, Retail, Bakery.